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Child Care


Knowing our children are safe before, at, and after school is a priority for us and for parents in our division. Read about the programs we offer to help provide that peace of mind. Learn more by clicking on the links on the left.


Some of our schools house independently operated and licensed nursery schools, daycare centres, before-and-after school programs, and kindercare programs. For a complete list of these programs and centres, the schools they're located within, and their contact information, visit Before and After Day Care.


The care and supervision of a child during the midday break is a parental responsibility. However, RETSD recognizes that fulfilling this responsibility is best achieved when parents and the division working as partners. The division supports parent committees that establish and operate non-profit user-pay lunch supervision programs in our schools. These parent-run lunch programs provide a supervised environment for children during the midday break.

Do all students who stay for lunch have to pay a fee?

Students who stay over the midday break, including students whose parents have opted for Schools of Choice, will be charged a fee. Only students who are obligated to be transported by the division will not be charged a fee.

Whom is the school division obligated to transport?

According to The Public Schools Act, the school division is obligated to transport students in rural areas (East St. Paul and St. Clements municipalities) who live more than 1.6 km away from their designated school, and students with qualifying special needs.

How will the school division provide supervision for the students it is obligated to transport?

The school division will provide funds to the lunch supervision program to supervise those students. The amount paid will be the same amount charged to all other students who use the lunch supervision program in that school.

Why doesn't the school division cover all of the costs of lunch supervision?

School divisions don't receive provincial support for any lunch supervision. The care and supervision of students over the midday break, with the exception of the students we're obligated to transport, is a parental responsibility. Therefore, parent groups establish and operate lunch supervision programs on a user-pay basis.

What time frame does the lunch supervision program cover?

The program is responsible for supervising students as they eat lunch and during the midday indoor/outdoor break time.

What sorts of costs are incurred to support students' lunch supervision?

The most common costs include wages for co-ordinators, supervisors, and other personnel, training (first aid, CPR), equipment (vests, walkie-talkies), and games and activities for students.

Why can't teachers or educational assistants supervise students during the midday break?

All staff, through their collective agreements, are entitled to an uninterrupted personal meal break during the work day.

Who sets the guidelines for how lunch supervision programs are to be run?

Parent groups that organize and operate lunch supervision programs are expected to follow guidelines set out in Policy JLIA—Parent-Run User-Pay Lunch Supervision Programs, and Policy JLIA-R—Parent-Run User-Pay Lunch Supervision Programs Regulations, as well as any relevant municipal, provincial, and federal requirements. The school principal sits on the lunch program committee. This is to ensure the operation of the program doesn't conflict with the operation or policies of the school and the division as a whole.

Are the financial records of the lunch supervision program made available?

The program's financial records must be audited annually at the cost of the program by an accredited practitioner. The lunch program committee must submit a copy of the audited financial statement to the school division by September 30 each year. This is in accordance with Policy KBEA—Parent Committees Fiscal Accounting and Reporting.

How do I get information about my school's lunch supervision program?

You can call the school and leave a message for the lunch program committee. If you have a child registered in the program, you're welcome to attend meetings of the lunch program committee. The lunch program committee is also required to have a process for informing users about matters related to the lunch supervision program. The lunch program committee also provides information reports on its operations and finances to the school parent council. The council can ask questions for clarification and discuss matters with the lunch program committee.

What if parents refuse to pay to have their child in the lunch supervision program?

The care and supervision of a child during the midday break is a parental responsibility. If a parent doesn't pay the user fee, they will need to make alternative supervision arrangements outside of school.

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