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Child Care


Knowing our children are safe before, at, and after school is a priority for us and for parents in our division. Read about the programs we offer to help provide that peace of mind. Learn more by clicking on the links on the left.


Some of our schools house independently operated and licensed nursery schools, daycare centres, before-and-after school programs, and kindercare programs. For a complete list of these programs and centres, the schools they're located within, and their contact information, visit Before and After Day Care.


Some of our schools—in collaboration with a number of local churches and businesses—run simple, nutritious, and sustainable free breakfast programs to help ensure all students begin the day ready to learn. All of our early years schools offer fee-based lunch supervision provided by parent groups to give kids a safe environment during the midday break. Check with your local school for more details about either service.

For more information about lunch supervision programs, see our brochure titled: Lunch Supervision Programs: A guide for parents

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