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Students Return to Renewed Westview School

2%20(1).jpgThe renovations of Westview are complete and we finally received occupancy permits from the City of Winnipeg! The school is transformed and the learning spaces are safe, inviting, nurturing, and beautiful. The first day of class for students took place at Westview on January 16, 2024.

We are very thankful for the patience, perseverance, and understanding of Westview parents and families during this challenging period. You ensured your children felt safe and secure as they attended Radisson School. Radisson parents deserve our thanks, also, for their pivotal role in ensuring the Westview community felt so welcomed after the unfortunate incident of the fire.

As well, under the leadership of their principal, Westview staff collaborated and worked tirelessly to create a welcoming learning environment for their students. They had to adapt repeatedly, while remaining positive and calm, so the students could feel safe and steady. And Radisson staff, with their principal at the helm, opened their doors and hearts to accommodate students and staff for almost two years. Amidst the upheaval caused by this unfortunate event, they provided not just a physical space for learning to occur, but also a sense of belonging and safety that was so very much needed.

We would also like to thank the divisional staff who have worked diligently with contractors, insurance companies, and City of Winnipeg personnel, and have advocated on behalf of the Westview community. The work of Craig McFeetors, director of maintenance, and his department, deserves special mention. He steered the division in restoring Westview and helping accommodate Westview and Radisson in the interim.

Westview has undergone significant restoration and we are immensely pleased the staff and students have now transitioned back to regular routines and learning in a renewed learning environment.



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